How it works

_CSC1322Worn over the head the babette is a pretty, lightweight, reversible bib which covers the baby and breasts during feeding and has an absorbent muslin backing to protect your shoulder during winding. Wide enough at the neck to see the baby and ensure the latch is correct,  the bib is also long enough to cover both the baby and your post-baby tummy.

The babette keeps your baby covered, free from distraction, out of the sun and protected from any cake crumbs you might accidently drop. It protects your modesty while uncovering and re-covering your breast and unlike a conventional muslin will not slip of blow off.Being used as a burp cloth

Once the feed is finished, the bottom can be flipped up over the shoulder to act as a burp cloth.

Unlike many other breastfeeding cover-ups the babette fits easily into your changing bag or handbag and can be machine washed and tumble dried as necessary.

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